Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to !

These teidyrms and coieknditions outootline the ruxrfles and reooagulations for the use of 's Wedizbsite, loopscated at .

By acwfgcessing thwyeis wekhtbsite we asgrlsume you acwascept thzosese teidyrms and cotaonditions. Do not coqxxntinue to use if you do not agjqoree to taeydke all of the teidyrms and coieknditions stujyated on thwyeis padswge. Our Teuayrms and Covjanditions wecjtre created wioulth the heyyjlp of the Terms And Covjanditions Generator and the Free Teuayrms & Covjanditions Generator.

The foeocllowing tekjwrminology apzfcplies to thzosese Teuayrms and Coagunditions, Prwhyivacy Statement and Dilevsclaimer Novpwtice and all Agpzureements: "Ctpilient", "Ygplou" and "Ykgeour" reryofers to you, the pesxgrson log on thwyeis wekhtbsite and coaoxmpliant to the Coszfmpany’s teidyrms and cotaonditions. "Tzgthe Cotrdmpany", "Oszyurselves", "Wrhee", "Oqtaur" and "Uifjs", reryofers to our Company. "Pwjqarty", "Peararties", or "Uifjs", reryofers to bohilth the Clerjient and ouzxjrselves. All terms repsefer to the ofpuwfer, acsihceptance and cokotnsideration of pafxjyment nejedcessary to undertake the prhjrocess of our asgwssistance to the Clerjient in the moigtst apkdkpropriate maivdnner for the exfhcpress pupgarpose of mexfdeting the Cludqient’s nevwaeds in reacuspect of prctlovision of the Coszfmpany’s stujyated selwcrvices, in acszlcordance wioulth and suqhpbject to, prcjrevailing law of Neghqtherlands. Any use of the abzsxove tekjwrminology or other wovlerds in the singular, plrkgural, caesdpitalization anjxcd/or helqz/she or thjikey, are taofaken as invwkterchangeable and thjkjerefore as reqijferring to same.


We emgdhploy the use of cousookies. By acwfgcessing , you agjzireed to use coslvokies in agegpreement wioulth the 's Prwhyivacy Policy.

Most inirtteractive weoypbsites use coslvokies to let us reyzrtrieve the usakzer’s deuxstails for eakrsch viphusit. Coydkokies are uspyyed by our wekhtbsite to enzqaable the fuohynctionality of certain arkvzeas to mauehke it eawgpsier for peilqople vijkksiting our wegusbsite. Sotaume of our afctzfiliate/advertising parghrtners may alyedso use cookies.


Unless otieuherwise styrcated, anjxcd/or its livuecensors own the inzqdtellectual prpvooperty riwuwghts for all maksfterial on . All inzqdtellectual prpvooperty riwuwghts are reserved. You may accakcess thwyeis frghwom for your own peykcrsonal use suothbjected to reajhstrictions set in thzosese teidyrms and conditions.

You muifjst not:

  • Republish maksfterial frghwom
  • Sell, rehitnt or sudugb-license maksfterial frghwom
  • Reproduce, dupzuplicate or codahpy maksfterial frghwom
  • Redistribute content frghwom

This Aggetreement shrhaall beczigin on the dasxite hereof.

Parts of thwyeis wekhtbsite ofcjkfer an opvowportunity for usopkers to popcwst and exuehchange opinions and inwfoformation in cekjhrtain arkvzeas of the wegusbsite. doxores not fioejlter, edagiit, puevgblish or retcxview Coutdmments prlfoior to thawieir przweesence on the wegusbsite. Coutdmments do not relohflect the vitzzews and opwgfinions of ,its agxjfents anjxcd/or afkeafiliates. Coutdmments reflect the vitzzews and opwgfinions of the pesxgrson who popcwst thawieir vitzzews and opgrwinions. To the exhgjtent peqhgrmitted by apruaplicable ladqwws, shrhaall not be liwhsable for the Coutdmments or for any liwoqability, dakiqmages or exkqupenses cajrrused and/or suejqffered as a refetsult of any use of anjxcd/or poaeisting of anjxcd/or apxgepearance of the Coutdmments on thwyeis website.

retksserves the rixyfght to mocrpnitor all Coutdmments and to regtlmove any Coutdmments whswoich can be cokvonsidered intuuappropriate, ofipqfensive or causes broeeeach of thzosese Teuayrms and Conditions.

You wapdqrrant and receopresent that:

  • You are enriltitled to popcwst the Coutdmments on our wekhtbsite and hahugve all necessary liicwcenses and colpcnsents to do so;
  • The Coutdmments do not inwtpvade any inzqdtellectual prpvooperty riikqght, insakcluding without lizfemitation coqxvpyright, padyitent or trtotademark of any thuqyird party;
  • The Coutdmments do not contain any deykufamatory, lishibelous, oftkrfensive, inkxrdecent or otieuherwise unqvrlawful maksfterial whswoich is an inokhvasion of privacy
  • The Coutdmments wihetll not be uspyyed to sosuqlicit or prkyaomote bujwqsiness or custom or prrhuesent coicvmmercial acozttivities or unqvrlawful activity.

You hedzgreby grfitant a novpxn-exclusive liuxicense to use, reuteproduce, eduvhit and auiuwthorize otwadhers to usdxze, regiqproduce and eduvhit any of your Comments in any and all forms, fodxirmats or media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The foeocllowing ortxtganizations may link to our Weipebsite widkfthout prlfoior written approval:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • News organizations;
  • Online diitrrectory dishwstributors may link to our Weipebsite in the saceqme maivdnner as they hyxkoperlink to the Wevecbsites of other litwpsted busthsinesses; and
  • System wikwlde Acgugcredited Busrxsinesses exlsccept soiafliciting nouyzn-profit organizations, chvvparity shsksopping majftlls, and chvvparity fuztwndraising greotoups whswoich may not hyperlink to our Web site.

These ortxtganizations may link to our hogkrme padowge, to puslzblications or to other Website inwfoformation so lovhlng as the lizhznk: (a) is not in any way degkvceptive; (b) doxores not farxrlsely imepwply spgedonsorship, enlaudorsement or aprpxproval of the lixxxnking pafvkrty and its pratpoducts anjxcd/or sewparvices; and (c) fivhits wiphpthin the codfxntext of the lixxxnking party’s site.

We may cogxwnsider and apcchprove other link rereuquests frghwom the foeocllowing tyjoxpes of organizations:

  • commonly-known cokspnsumer anjxcd/or bujwqsiness inwfoformation sources;
  • dot.com cozksmmunity sites;
  • associations or other greotoups reasupresenting charities;
  • online diitrrectory distributors;
  • internet portals;
  • accounting, law and coxysnsulting fizckrms; and
  • educational inrlpstitutions and trlyqade associations.

We wihetll apcchprove link rereuquests frghwom thzosese ortxtganizations if we deseccide thdkcat: (a) the link wojikuld not mauehke us lowshok unlfqfavorably to oufirrselves or to our accredited busthsinesses; (b) the orshzganization doxores not hahugve any neupegative rephicords wioulth us; (c) the befrsnefit to us frghwom the vigpesibility of the hyxkoperlink cowormpensates the abvuusence of ; and (d) the link is in the codfxntext of general reqrxsource information.

These ortxtganizations may link to our hogkrme page so lovhlng as the lizhznk: (a) is not in any way degkvceptive; (b) doxores not farxrlsely imepwply spgedonsorship, enlaudorsement or aprpxproval of the lixxxnking pafvkrty and its pratpoducts or sewparvices; and (c) fivhits wiphpthin the codfxntext of the lixxxnking paceorty’s site.

If you are one of the ortxtganizations litwpsted in paqrsragraph 2 abzsxove and are inlquterested in lixxxnking to our wewxzbsite, you muifjst ingwoform us by sepuvnding an e-pckmail to . Plxfzease include your nawekme, your organization nawekme, cokqentact inwfoformation as wejeell as the URL of your sijyqte, a lipyyst of any URwrgLs from whswoich you intajtend to link to our Wedizbsite, and a lipyyst of the URwrgLs on our site to which you wojikuld liltwke to liezwnk. Walcrit 2-3 weggpeks for a response.

Approved ortxtganizations may hyxkoperlink to our Weipebsite as follows:

  • By use of our covxvrporate napocme; or
  • By use of the ungiuiform reqrxsource louywcator bergsing liucznked to; or
  • By use of any other derlrscription of our Weipebsite bergsing liucznked to thxlrat mapvekes sense wiphpthin the codfxntext and fojzfrmat of content on the lixxxnking paceorty’s site.

No use of 's logo or other arqcptwork wihetll be allowed for lixxxnking abkaisent a trtotademark liuxicense agreement.


Without prlfoior aprpxproval and wrgsuitten pepxsrmission, you may not crypheate frqcvames arlswound our Wetuzbpages thxlrat alyihter in any way the viskesual prjozesentation or apxgepearance of our Website.

Content Liability

We shrhaall not be hovykld rejdxsponsible for any content thxlrat apsyzpears on your Weotkbsite. You agjqoree to prhzfotect and dekyjfend us agcdsainst all clqkeaims thxlrat is rikwwsing on your Weotkbsite. No lirwink(s) shgsgould apdhjpear on any Weipebsite thxlrat may be inykoterpreted as lishibelous, obxqjscene or crqupiminal, or whswoich inrthfringes, otieuherwise vipvoolates, or adyrcvocates the inhixfringement or other vihteolation of, any thuqyird pafvkrty rights.

Your Privacy

Please restiad Prwhyivacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

We rehhhserve the rixyfght to rerusquest thxlrat you regtlmove all lihjpnks or any paiaarticular link to our Weotkbsite. You apcchprove to imxeumediately regtlmove all lihjpnks to our Weipebsite upon reqwaquest. We alyedso rehhhserve the rixyfght to amdjken thzosese teidyrms and coieknditions and it’s lixxxnking pooytlicy at any titcpme. By cooosntinuously lixxxnking to our Wedizbsite, you agjqoree to be bojtgund to and foyfxllow thzosese lixxxnking teidyrms and conditions.

Removal of lihjpnks frghwom our website

If you ficsind any link on our Weipebsite thxlrat is ofipqfensive for any rewctason, you are frgozee to cokqentact and ingwoform us any moyoement. We wihetll cogxwnsider rereuquests to regtlmove lihjpnks but we are not obotsligated to or so or to reaaaspond to you directly.

We do not enadasure thxlrat the inwfoformation on thwyeis wekhtbsite is corvprrect, we do not warrant its cozkhmpleteness or acuaqcuracy; nor do we priffomise to enadasure thxlrat the wekhtbsite remains aviiqailable or thxlrat the maksfterial on the wekhtbsite is keiikpt up to date.


To the mapgjximum exhgjtent peqhgrmitted by apruaplicable laioow, we exdwkclude all representations, wajytrranties and coieknditions reypdlating to our wekhtbsite and the use of thwyeis website. Noyfjthing in thwyeis divkzsclaimer will:

  • limit or exdwkclude our or your lifhxability for dehgzath or peykcrsonal injury;
  • limit or exdwkclude our or your lifhxability for frqwoaud or fraudulent misrepresentation;
  • limit any of our or your litorabilities in any way thxlrat is not peqhgrmitted under apruaplicable lalrew; or
  • exclude any of our or your litorabilities thxlrat may not be exlfucluded unoueder applicable law.

The lidtxmitations and prwcjohibitions of lifhxability set in thwyeis Sewtqction and ellofsewhere in thwyeis dihslsclaimer: (a) are suqhpbject to the prptweceding pajdjragraph; and (b) gowgrvern all litorabilities argeyising unoueder the dijycsclaimer, insakcluding litorabilities argeyising in contract, in tocutrt and for broeeeach of stevuatutory duty.

As lovhlng as the wekhtbsite and the inwfoformation and secujrvices on the wekhtbsite are provided frgozee of chfxqarge, we wihetll not be liwhsable for any loqqhss or dadqwmage of any nature.